Create Your Life... instead of having your life create YOU! 

Level up Your Health and Happiness VIP Workshop

Are you feeling stressed out, emotional, physical or mentally?

This VIP workshop is for anyone that is currently feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life right now. You may feel overwhelmed with work, worrying about finances, or finding yourself taking your frustrations out on loved ones.

7 Levels to Up Your Energy in Health 

A 90 Minute VIP Workshop which will...

Increase in Energy... Improve your Happiness!

By taking ownership of your health. You'll explore the 7 Levels of Health, by approaching each level with curiosity as to how it serves you -- and works against you -- in achieving your optimal health. You'll identify areas of opportunity so that you can experience more of your wellness potential.

The choices you make about your health daily will have a direct and powerful impact on yourself, those around you, and the world.

Imagine that you are not sitting with anxiety and stress anymore as you begin to identify the areas where living from a place of self-love and acceptance is working for you and not against you.

Stop and visualize what your journey in health would like once you have become more engaged in life.

You'll begin to see the impact that it has on the choices you make in your life and being in acceptance of those choices.

When you have less stress in your life, your health is better; you’ll live a happier and longer life with less chance of stress-related health issues.

Here's everything you get...

Step 1: Personal Energy Assessment

You’ll receive the link within 24 hours of payment. At which time you'll be able to take the 20-minute assessment.


You'll take personal awareness with each of the 7 levels of energy as it relates to your health.

Step 2: Personal Energy Results

You'll receive your results within 48 hours of taking the assessment with your results.


You’ll take ownership of each level of energy and how each one plays a part in your wellness.

Step 3: Personal Energy Workbook

You’ll receive your very own 16 pg participant workbook. Which you will use during the VIP workshop.

Forward Action

You’ll learn how you can shift using each of the energy levels when one of them is working against you.

"What's in it for me?"

What's does Energy have to do with Health, anyway?

It is being able to go on a journey while discovering your true potential. You’ll be uncovering clarity about what’s keeping you from the actual fulfillment and joy in all aspects of your life.

The ELI assessment will show you first how you show up naturally in your life under everyday circumstances.

  • You’ll have a clearer picture of your life.
  • You’ll recognize the stressful events that trigger you.

The assessment is precise, identifying areas in your life the triggers where things are working for you rather than against you and vice versa. 

  • You’ll have mental clarity with your thoughts.
  • You’ll see how energy is affecting you emotionally.
  • You’ll start feeling lighter instead of feeling heavy.
  • You’ll see that life starts to make more sense to you.

Well-being is an optional state of mind, which allows you to: 

  • Be more engaged in your life.
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Enjoy more energy (physical & mental)
  • Create the change that you desire

Meet Jacki

Jacki has been helping people just like you "feeling better in their bodies" so that they can live life with less stress and overwhelm from one day to the next. Instead of just coping with life, Jacki shows you how you can thrive in your life.

Jacki is a wife and a mother of 3 sons; she loves coffee and the outdoors. She has ran over 30 half-marathons plus 7 Marathons.

As a certified Energy Leadership - Master Practicer, you will be in good hands when you spend time with her. 

Want to talk it over before signing up?

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What Clients are saying!

Jacki is a warm and talented coach who help me to look at some areas in my life, using the ELI,  where I was feeling stuck. She help me to see that I sometimes get caught up in other people's drama, which drags my energy down. She helped me see that my dislike of confrontation results in me being resentful because I am holding back how I feel. Working with Jacki has helped me to develop better communication skills. ~ Julie Keel. Working with Jacki has helped me to develop better communication skills. ~ Julie K

I had the pleasure of working with Jacki Amato at the tail end of 2019 at a time when my life and my business were facing some Crossroads. It was a unique opportunity to get a leadership assessment through Jacki at a time when I had doubts about my leadership abilities.  

The great thing about this process was that it seemed a lot more scientific and metrics-driven than the other processes I have participated in. The metrics, as in many processes, are a starting point for a more in-depth discussion about what's actually happening with yourself and your business. The assessment opened up a number of lines of inquiry with Jacki in which we were able to explore things that are holding me back or limiting my abilities as a leader.  

It gave me a lot to reflect on I will be continuing my conversations with Jacki in 2020 as my business grows. One of my biggest takeaways was how my own personal hangups about my career before becoming an entrepreneur may be limiting my growth potential in the future.  - Aaron Cruikshank 

Get ready to radically change your approach to life and work.


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